in 1976


In 1975 founder grandmaster Tony Vasquez made the decision to erect a building next to his house so that him and his children could continue training. By 1976 under the direction and guidance of Senior Grandmaster Ho Yung Chung, Grandmaster T. Vaquez established Port Huron Tae Kwon Do and continued to provide traditional Taekwondo training to residents in the area. Port Huron Tae Kwon Do grew a strong foundation of black belts and became well known for their training. Grandmaster Mike Vasquez returned from the Army in 1985 and around 1990 he took over the school. Due to the growth in students Grandmaster Mike Vasquez decided to move the school in 1992 where it currently is now. In 1996 Port Huron Tae Kwon Do was incorporated and continues to provide a place of quality to this day.

At Port Huron Tae Kwon Do, our instructors are dedicated to helping students learn valuable lessons, not just in our classroom but in their lives as well. Whether you’re new to the martial arts world, or an advanced student, our instructors have been trained to guide each student in their quest to be their best.